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About us:

How did we get started? Russ had a band, and owned sound equipment back in 2003. A work friend wanted to borrow it for his sister's country themed wedding in Salt Lake City.  Instead of lending it out, he said he would come provide sound and music for his friend's wedding playlist. Michelle reminded Russ that his knowledge of country music was rather limited, at that time. So, She was the DJ and Russ the MC, making all the announcements. A couple at that wedding asked for our services. And from there two more couples, etc, etc... as it snowballed into a full fledged business. We create a custom wedding plan, and personalize each playlists for our brides at competitive wedding DJ prices. We started out as wedding DJs. Now we travel all over the Wasatch Front and beyond making your events unforgettable; the ones that will be remembered as amazing years down the road.